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Request your simulation today and get the feasibility of your palletizing project determined.

It’s free of charge

Request simulation

Request your simulation today and get the feasibility of your palletizing project determined.

And it’s free of charge

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    Fill out the form to request your FREE simulation. See a simulation of your palletizing (by uploading a .json file from the pallet builder).

    • A simulation makes it possible to verify an automation of your palletizing. Saving you both time and money.
    • You will have your simulation in the next days
    • There’s no commitment to use our software. We’re only showing you how an automation of your palletizing could be.

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    Palletizing simulation

    This video shows a real-time palletizing simulation with a UR 10e robot. We will provide you with a similar simulation.

    You can use this to asses and watch how our software will automate your palletizing.

    Step by step to automate your palletizing

    You have requested a simulation. This is an example of what could happen after receiving a simulation.

    1. You decide to continue the process of automating your palletizing
    2. Contact Marlene – she will connect you to a reseller, where you can buy/rent hardware and our software
    3. Install the hardware (by yourself or by an integrator)
    4. Install the software
    5. Start palletizing (and yes, it’s that easy)

    P.S. Automation doesn’t have to be complicated.

    P.S.S. If you decide it’s not the time to pursue a palletizing solution, don’t do anything. But save our contact for the future, when you will need one to keep up with your competitors.

    “Previously, every worker had to step in and help palletizing. Now they focus on other tasks making production more efficient. At first, I almost wondered if I had made a big mistake. But it soon became obvious that having Stacky (the cobot) in place was a greater relief to the workers than I had thought.”

    Any questions?

    Our expert


    Any questions?

    Our expert