Pally Palletizing software for Universal Robots

What are the 3 key components of Pally?

We had one goal in mind when we decided to create a new path for Rocketfarm: to create the best palletizing software for Universal Robots on the market.

After hundreds of hundreds of hours of thinking and writing code, and days, weeks and
years of planning and discussion,
we could finally proudly present our Pally software.

The PALLY journey is divided into three vital parts: The Pallet Builder, the URCap and the Operator’s Panel.

1. The PALLY Pallet Builder

The first step of PALLY is the PALLY Pallet Builder. This is where you build your pallet pattern in 3D with a user friendly interface. As  you are creating your pallet pattern, you are also actually “programming” your robot: the pattern tells the robot how to stack the pallet.

Once you have made your preferred pattern, you simply download a palletizing file that now can be imported into your UR robot. If you do not own a robot palletizer yet, and simply wonder how it all would work if you bought one, you may request a free simulation.

Our support team will send you a simulation video of your pattern being palletized by our PALLY software. See example below.

Visit the PALLY Pallet Builder and request a simulation now

pally pallet builder front page

2. The PALLY URCap

The second part of PALLY is the PALLY application for the UR robot, a so-called “URCap” (Universal Robot Cobot application). You can look at it like a smartphone with apps on it: the robot being the phone, and PALLY is an app you download from the App Store to run on the robot. And just like great mobile apps have a very user friendly interface, PALLY will also guide you through the application with easy steps for setting up your palletizing robot.

Check out our URCap in the UR+ Ecosystem

3. The PALLY Operator’s Panel

Then, when you are all set to start palletizing, something very important usually happens. Several people are going to deal with the robot on a day-to-day basis. These operators will start it up, shut it down, choose which product is to be palletized today, reload it with empty pallets when the old one is full, etc. And if you think you dislike awful user interfaces, believe me, these operators  hate it even more. So, the third part of PALLY is the Operator’s Panel, which will provide the end-user with the very simple user interface they need for using PALLY on a daily basis.

pally operators panel display

These three parts combined make our software PALLY

Our goal has been and remains to make your day at work a little bit easier, hassle-free and to save your back from the daily strain of lifting an unspoken number of boxes.

Have you previously considered automating the palletizing task in your facility? Or maybe you just started thinking about it now? Either way, we would love to get in contact with you!

Your palletizing solution might just lie a few clicks away! 

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